Service and Packages: Your Picture-Perfect Options
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Explore our range of photo booth services and packages tailored to suit various events and budgets. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, corporate event, or any special occasion, we have the perfect package for you.

Social Package

395 $ 295
  • Up to 3 Hours
  • Photo Booth Only
  • Instant Digital Sharing

Standard Package

495 $ 395
  • Up to 4 Hours
  • Backdrop of Choice
  • Physical Props
  • Instant Digital Sharing

Helpful Package

595 $ 495
  • Up to 4 Hours
  • Backdrop of Choice
  • Physical Props
  • Attendant(s)
  • Instant Digital Sharing

Printing Package

795 $ 695
  • Up to 4 Hours
  • Backdrop of Choice
  • Physical Props
  • Attendant(s)
  • Instant Digital Sharing
  • Unlimited Prints

All-Day Package

795 $ 695
  • All-Day Rental
  • Backdrop of Choice
  • Physical Props
  • Instant Digital Sharing

Mini Photo Booth​

395 $ 295
  • All-Day Rental
  • Instant Digital Sharing
  • $150 as an Addon
  • Dog/Toddler Photo Booth

Scroll down to “Addon Descriptions” to read the full details about the Mini Photo Booth

Addons: (Please scroll down to read a brief description of each addon)

  • Digital file with all photos/videos from the event – $50
  • Mini Photo Booth (Dog/Toddler) – $150
  • 20 Uplights (for around the venue) – $200
  • Flower Wall – $150
  • 2×6 Photo Album – $100 (Mailed to you after the event) ***Printing Packages Only***
  • 100 Magnetic 2×6 Photo Frames – $75 ***Printing Packages Only***
  • Photo album (100 prints) – $75 ***For digital only packages***
  • 10 Custom Pet Props – $100
  • Red carpet treatment – $50
  • Silver Stanchions – $50
  • “Cheers to Forever” neon sign – $50
  • Deluxe prop table (2x as many props) – $50
  • 75 Personalized heart glasses – $150 (Can purchase more at a discounted rate)
  • Single sided custom backdrop – $315
  • Double-sided custom backdrop – $350
  • 1 hour – $100
  • Idle Time – $50/hr

*A small travel fee may be required, inquire about your party to learn more*

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Addon Descriptions

Digital File of All Photos/Videos from the Event - $50

Gain access to a comprehensive digital file containing all the high-resolution photos and videos captured during the event, ensuring you have every memory at your fingertips and enabling you to relive the special moments whenever you wish. Sent to you within a week of your event date. 

20 Uplights - $200

Our uplights add a touch of ambiance and elegance to any occasion. These strategically placed lights are designed to illuminate walls, pillars, or architectural features from the ground up, creating a stunning visual impact. With a spectrum of colors to choose from, uplighting enhances the overall atmosphere of weddings, parties, and corporate events, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary venues. Whether you’re aiming for a romantic, vibrant, or sophisticated feel, our uplighting options allow you to customize the lighting scheme to match your unique style and make your event truly memorable.


Flower Wall - $150

Elevate the aesthetic of your event with a stunning 3D flower wall, a visually stunning and elegant backdrop for your photos, creating an atmosphere of sophistication.

White rose flower wall that can be rented along with your photo booth or by itself
Pink Rose Wall that can be rented as an addon of the photo booth or standalone
Blue Flower Wall

Mini Photo Booth - $150 Addon ($295 Stand-Alone Rental)

Shore Scenes’ Mini Photo Booth is designed with your furry friends and little ones in mind! Snap precious moments in a compact and adorable setup, creating lasting memories for all ages and four-legged friends.

Mini Photo Booth for Dogs and Toddlers

2x6 Photo Album - $100

Receive a physical Photo Booth photo album with all the 2×6 photo booth prints from your event! A perfect keepsake complementing the digital images from your event. Mailed to you within a week of your event date. 

2x6 Photo Album Addon Example

100 Magnetic 2x6 Photo Frames - $75

Provide guests with magnetic frames for their 2×6 photo booth prints, allowing them to showcase their fun memories on their fridge or any magnetic surface.

Photo Booth Magnets

Red Carpet Service - $50

Roll out the red carpet and gold stanchions and treat your guests like VIPs, adding a touch of glamor and elegance to their entrance experience. The Red Carpet Service sets a glamorous tone for guests’ arrival and photo opportunities.

Red Carpet Service Example

Silver Stanchions - $50

Create a stylish and sophisticated setup with silver stanchions, perfect for delineating spaces or providing an elegant walkway for guests.

Silver Stanchions that can be rented for your next event

Deluxe Prop Table - $50

Double the fun with a deluxe prop table, featuring an extensive variety of props for the photo booth, offering an even more entertaining and diverse experience ensuring fun and entertaining pictures.

Deluxe Prop Table Example

"Cheers to Forever" Neon Sign - $50

Add a celebratory and visually appealing element to the event with a neon sign that reads “Cheers to Forever,” perfect for weddings, anniversaries and more! 

Cheers to Forever neon sign

10 Custom Pet Props - $100

Enhance the charm of your photo booth experience with our Custom Pet Props Add-On! For just $100, you can include 10 photo props featuring high-quality dog/cat/small animal headshots on sticks, adding an extra special touch to your event. Here’s how it works: Send us your favorite pet photos (yours and your guests), and we’ll skillfully craft them into props for your prop table. It’s the perfect way to include your furry friends in the celebration. But that’s not all – if you want more than 10 adorable pet face props, each additional one is just $10. Create lasting memories with our unique and personalized pet props, making your special occasion even more unforgettable

Example of the custom pet props you would get

75 Personalized Glasses - $150​

Provide a special touch to your event with 75 personalized glasses as party favors and photo booth props, adding a unique and memorable touch that’s unique to your occasion. Comes with an 8×10 personalized sign that says “Don’t be blinded by our love, please take some shades!” in a gold frame. Please note you can upgrade to a greater quantity for a small fee. 

Here are some examples of what glasses could say:

B+D 10.21.23

Cheers to forever… and much more!

Photo booth addon of 75 Personalized Heart Glasses

Single-Sided Custom Backdrop - $315:

Personalize your photo booth experience with a single-sided custom backdrop, tailored to your event’s theme and adding an exclusive touch to your photos.

Double-Sided Custom Backdrop - $350:

Choose a double-sided custom backdrop, offering versatility and providing different visual options for your photo booth.

Idle Time - $50/hr:

Add extra idle time to your rental, allowing for a relaxed setup or a break between active hours, ensuring a seamless and stress-free event experience

Photo Album (up to 100 Prints) - $75 (For Digital-Only Packages):​

Opt for a beautifully crafted physical photo album containing up to 100 high-quality prints from your event, perfect for cherishing and sharing the memories from the digital images.

1 Hour - $100​

Enjoy an additional hour of fun and photo opportunities, allowing more time for capturing special moments and creating memories.

All Photo booth Packages include

Unlimited number of digital photos, customized welcome screen, customized digital photo layout, gifs, videos, instant sharing, set up and breakdown